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Where do I park during a visit to NewMedia!?

Metered parking is available to all clients on Blake Street, as well as 19th Street. All meters accept credit cards as well as coins. If you are planning to be at NewMedia! longer than 2 hours, you have the option of parking in one of the surrounding lots. During summer when baseball season is in full swing, please plan to arrive 15 earlier than your scheduled meeting to ensure you have sufficient time to find parking.

Where is NewMedia! located?

We are located less than a block from Coors Field in Lodo, at 1925 Blake St. Suite 101, Denver CO 80202

How long has NewMedia! been in business?

NewMedia! has been creating custom web solutions for 15 years. We opened our doors in Denver, Colorado in January 1996, then expanded into the Chicago market in 2005, and further established our presence east of the Mississippi with an office in Madison Wisconsin in 2007.


What does the design process involve?

Generally, we sit down with the Client and any key stakeholders for the initial project kickoff. During this meeting, we ask a series of questions to understand the goals of the site, identify the target audience demographics, and determine the visual impression that the stakeholders want to represent the Client organization. We look at example sites that the Client likes, and find out why; we look at sites they don't like, and find out why not. We are very good at pulling design-oriented feedback out of a non-designer client, such as someone from Marketing or even IT. Once we feel we understand what is needed, we go away and start to put it all together. The first phase is wireframes - these are like construction blueprints. They show where everything goes, in a simple "stick figure" graphical representation, and they also indicate how different sections of content and functionality link to and integrate with each other. This process will generally involve a few rounds of revisions, and then once the wireframes are approved we begin the design mockups. For these, we take the structure represented by the wireframes and flesh them out more fully, with full color and design detail, and typically present three (3) completely different homepage design concepts from there. Again, design revisions follow, and once the homepage concept is approved the sub-page(s) follow. Once all static designs are revised and approved, the functional development begins, and the end result is a finished website application, complete with back-end CMS (content management system) and whatever high-level custom functionality was specified.

What if I have bad design ideas?

This is luckily very rare, but not impossible. If a Client wants to allow us to provide the expert consulting that, presumably, they hired to to do, then we are always able to help improve even the best ideas through collaboration. If, however, the Client is dead set on their own ideas for design, and, despite our best attempts to help them realize a cleaner vision, they still insist on certain design elements that we disagree with, we will do what we are asked to do. After all, the Client is paying the bill, so we will deliver what they like, whether we necessarily like it as well, or not. Frankly, there are a few great projects we've been involved in that will never be shown to new clients or included in our portfolio, simply because they fall into this category. In general, however, we will do everything we can, and practically bend over backwards, to ensure that the Client loves the best, cleanest, most elegant and contemporary design possible. That's our job.


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