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Older than Google!  ...but younger than Amazon

NEWMEDIA has been creating websites and complex web-based software since way back in the dark ages of the Internet: January of 1996. On the 4th of July that same year Hotmail was launched - remember them? Amazon had just started out the year before (1995), and Google still wasn't on the radar for another couple of years (1998). So, suffice to say, we've been around the block a few times.

Back in "the day," things were a little different. There were no off-the-shelf shopping carts, plug-and-play image galleries or open-source CMS systems. No CSS. Everything was coded by hand, and even the most basic websites (and really, that's about all there were) took forever to create. Well, from tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow. Our little Denver web design company is now an internationally-known development agency with a full suite of Internet services, supporting a large and diverse client base in practically every industry.

Why work with us? What's the value of that length of time in business? Does it really matter when the web moves so quickly anyway?

Oh yeah. It matters.

You may think we're biased, but there's really no substitute for experience. Having worked on hundreds of projects for everything imaginable, it's fair to say we've made our fair share of mistakes. That's the nature of the business, when everything you do is custom. But, just like Thomas Edison, we can safely say that we've successfully identified a number of tools, tips and techniques that don't quite work the way we want. And in the process, we've developed a bulletproof toolkit and robust methodology that allows us to consistently deliver the highest quality product, at the most reasonable and realistic budget, in a predictable and reliable timeframe. Not a lot of Denver web developers can truthfully say that. Heck, a bunch of them have closed their doors in the past few years. The ones that haven't have shrunk substantially. We, on the other hand, have only improved. When you do this for a living, as many of our agency clients and other professional partners do, reliability is pretty special. One thing NEWMEDIA will never do is make you look bad to your client. Unless you think being seen as a superstar is bad. In which case, you probably just need to get used to it. Success is definitely habit-forming.

We are always aware of our rich history, but it's much more important where we're going than where we've been. More important than that, even, is where we can go with you.

We know our history, and see the future. We can help make yours more successful. 

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