Our Team

Even though we were founded, and are still headquartered, in beautiful Denver, CO, the website development team at NewMedia! actually consists of many talented individuals, spread across several locations in (basically) three cities. Generally, our entire group is split pretty evenly between 6 departments:

  • Web Design
    ...Website Designers, UI/UX Designers, Graphic Designers
  • Web Development
    ...Software Developers, Web Developers, Custom Programmers
  • Search Engine Optimization
    ...SEO Strategists, SEO Architects, SEO Content Writers and Submitters, SEO Link Builders
  • Managed Web Hosting
    ...Systems Administrators, Security Specialists, IT/Support Personnel
  • Sales and Management
    ...Business Development Specialists, Account Managers, Project Managers
  • Client Liaison and Support
    ...Project Coordinators, Account Representatives, Customer Service Evangelists

However, when you're working on a daily basis with the folks at the NewMedia! office in LoDo, your main Denver web development contacts will probably include some of the following friendly faces:

Steve Morris

Director, Business Development

Git Hub: smorris Drupal.org: NewMedia.Steve

Steve wears many hats at NewMedia!, but his primary responsibility is developing new business relationships with the many clients and partners with which we are so lucky to work. Prior to the real commercial embracement of the Internet in the mid-90s, Steve's experience was offline, in advertising, marketing and design, working with some of the largest agencies and brands in the world, based out of London, UK. With NewMedia!, Steve successfully oversees the development and delivery of millions of dollars of projects a year, with clients who are local, national and international, and he brings a wisdom and breadth of experience to every new project we undertake.

Kevin Bridges

Director of Technology

Git Hub: cyberswat Drupal: cyberswat

Kevin Bridges is a long-time internet veteran who has actively been involved with internet systems development since 1992. He has been an integral component helping to deliver some of the largest and most complex Drupal sites in existence. He has a deep understanding of automation, security and performance implications and brings passion in these areas to the team. Kevin is the DevOps North American Global Track Chair for the Drupal Association and has worked with outstanding organizations ranging from the Now Public team to Acquia. He has been involved in Drupal as a contributor since 2004 and helped establish Colorado as a Drupal hub. Kevin brings the concepts of DevOps to organizations to help them realize modern techniques of automation, testing, scalability, predictability and metric driven results. His skills, from project management, to systems architecture and automation have helped numerous clients and projects realize their goals.

Rick Manelius

Director of Operations

Git Hub: rickmanelius Drupal.org: rickmanelius

Rick graduated from MIT with a BS and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (where he also coached track and field) and quickly became a valued member of the team shortly after joining NEWMEDIA in 2012. If you ever want to know about the quantum electrodynamic interactions of carbon nanotube systems, he's your guy! In addition to his considerable talent in all things technical, his specific expertise is in understanding the big picture, and helping identify challenges and provide solutions long before a problem has a chance to develop. His analogous nickname here is the Swiss Army Knife. Rick’s a software developer, media technologist and project manager, but please don’t ask him to design anything. We all have our limits. Rick loves to learn, share, and connect with like-minded people, and he lives in the greater Denver area with his wife Emily and their dog Linus.

Ryan Blyth

Senior Front-End Developer

Git Hub: ryanblyth Drupal.org: ryanblyth

Ryan has been a valued member of NewMedia! since 2007. He is a Colorado native who earned his degree in English Writing from The University of Colorado at Denver. After several years as a technical writer, where he originally discovered his passion for the web, he transitioned into user interface, web design, and web development. He is a web standards and CSS master as well as a highly experienced Drupal themer. When not developing websites at NewMedia!, Ryan spends his time working on personal projects around the house. He lives with his wife, his two sons and crazy dog in Aurora, just outside Denver.

Ryan McVeigh

Javascript Developer

Git Hub: rmcveigh Drupal.org: rmcveigh

Ryan is a Colorado native who loves working in a creative field with a tangible product. He came to NewMedia! after working at the National Center for Atmospheric Research for 6 years creating online interactives, javascript-based museum touchscreen interfaces, and scientific visualizations. With a strong background in UI/UX design in many areas of art, including film, photography, front-end application development, and even 3-D visualization, he has the breadth of experience to work in a visual field. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder where he received a fine arts degree in film. In his free time Ryan enjoys playing with his wife and kids, skiing, and working on his house.

Brandt Reed

Lead Interaction Designer

Git Hub: brandtreed Drupal.org: brandtreed

Brandt is a talented, and unusual, combination of both design/aesthetic and development/technical abilities, having been working in the web design industry for the past 10 years. He worked as a front-end designer for two universities prior to joining NewMedia! in 2012, and has extensive experience creating custom (hand-coded) website themes using a wide range of CMS tools. He is always looking to be challenged with new ideas and techniques. He lives in Denver, with his wife and two young kids.

Justin Luke

Project Coordinator, Client Support

Git Hub: justinluke Drupal.org: newmedia.justin

Justin came to NewMedia! in 2008 after graduating from Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he received his Bachelors of Science. He started his post collegiate career interning for Vail Marriott Mountain Resort in Colorado. Justin specializes in Project Coordination, but ranges in everything from Client Support to SEO to Infrastructure Support Services. He likes to kick it with his fiancee, Erin, while enjoying all the outdoor life that Colorado affords him.

Johannah (“Jo”) Hoffman

Project Coordinator

Git Hub: johoffman

Johannah (“Jo”) was born in Germany and raised in North Florida but relocated to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. Having joined the NewMedia! team in early 2012 as Project Coordinator, Jo works directly with both clients and the design/development team to help ensure clear communication and timely completion of business-critical projects on a daily basis. An experienced business professional with exceptional business development, client relations, human resources, training and managerial skills, Jo spent eight years supporting the formation of a highly successful litigation law firm by streamlining policies and procedures which increased the company’s revenue and overall success. Consistently recognized as an effective and motivational leader with the ability to work in diverse and vigorous environments, Jo maintains a strong aptitude for building trust, creating teams and leading groups to work collectively to achieve successful results. Jo lives in Broomfield with her husband and daughter.

Alex Knoll

Senior Developer

Git Hub: arknol Drupal.org: arknoll

Alex joined the NewMedia! team in 2012 as a Web Developer after having held that position for several years with the global educational nonprofit organization, EDUCAUSE. In addition to being a very talented programmer, Alex is also a J.D., a licensed attorney, and a member of both the Colorado and Missouri Bar Associations. He is a well-rounded, truly pragmatic problem-solver. The same passion that propelled Alex across multiple disciplines enables him to be a critical thinker that never shies away from complex multi-disciplinary challenges. Alex’s role includes the formation and implementation of Drupal best practices, interaction with the Drupal API in custom modules, and creation of information architecture. Alex enjoys all that Colorado has to offer, be it backpacking, fly fishing, or hanging out with his son, Jude, and wife, Vicky.

Chris Caldwell

Back-End Developer

Git Hub: chrisolof Drupal.org: chrisolof

Chris joined the team at NewMedia! after developing websites and complex web applications independently for over 13 years. He's a passionate open-source software advocate with extensive experience in the LAMP environment, and a deep understanding of the Drupal content management framework. Chris loves building advanced, highly-functional Drupal websites and loves tackling complex problems in future-ready ways. When he's not wrapped up in the world of web development, Chris enjoys getting out on backpacking, hiking, and mountain biking excursions with his wife, Amanda, getting his hands dirty in the garden, and making things from scratch.

Bryon Urbanec

UX Designer/Strategist

Git Hub: b-ry Drupal.org: b-ry

Bryon has worked in the web design industry for the past 5 years, after a prior stint as a musician aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Having left the saxophone behind (at least for his day job), Bryon works his wide range of skills in both graphic and web design, making him an expert in his field. Bryon brings with him an artistic and thoughtful eye to pixel-perfect design as well as effective user experience. A fast learner, Bryon keeps his chops in shape staying on top of the latest front-end design strategies and techniques. He lives in Loveland, with his wife Lindsey and dog Zoie.

Tim Whitney

Front-End Developer

Git Hub: timodwhit Drupal.org: timodwhit

Tim works at NewMedia! as a front-end developer, after years honing his skills on large-scale sites primarily for state and city tourism agencies. He graduated from North Central College, where he studied Mathematics and Studio Art, with a focus on Photography and Architecture. It was through this amalgamation of diverse disciplines that he learned the beauty of structural processing, and was guided to Drupal. Drupal and SASS integration provide an outlet for Tim to organize the front-end into a logical system for the future. Tim brings a keen eye for detail and structure in all of his work, no matter how large or small the project. Tim used to have passions but then he got a puppy, Tino, and forgot about those things. Tim is currently living in Denver with his girlfriend, and the aforementioned Tino.

Chris Lee


Get Hub: speedytwenty Drupal.org: lee20

Chris is an energetic developer who loves finding creative solutions to complicated problems. Chris has over a decade of experience in open source web development and nearly six years working within the Drupal community. When he is not neck-deep in code, you might find him watching a game at the pub, humbling himself on the golf course, or grilling beer brats at his home in Denver.

Brandon Williams

Back-End Developer

Git Hub: bw411 Drupal.org: crazysix

Prior to joining the NewMedia! team in 2013, Brandon developed web applications in a variety of technologies, including open-source and proprietary software and frameworks. Brandon has been able to use his experience to quickly become a valuable member of the team, contributing to back-end development, DevOps, and other internal processes.

While completing his BS in Web Development, Brandon was a Colorado POST certified police officer and served the community for four years. Brandon's dynamic professional experience allows him to offer a unique perspective to the projects he works on.

Brandon enjoys snowboarding, camping, fishing, basketball, and a little online gaming. He also spends a lot of quality time with his four children and wife, Beth.

Brandon Smith

Project Associate

Git Hub: Brandonsmith23

Brandon hails from the great state of Kansas where, after 15 years excelling in various positions in the restaurant industry, Brandon decided he preferred a desk to a kitchen, and mountains to corn fields. With a degree in Religious Studies that emphasized Jewish Studies from Kansas University, Brandon brings a wide range of perspectives to the table. With NewMedia! since October of 2012, Brandon's specialization is in medium-market Wordpress websites, SEO, and website content and messaging. With his son Xander and wife Katharine, Brandon loves to explore Colorado and all that it has to offer.

Naomi Wells

Project Assistant

Git Hub: naomiwells

Naomi is a native to Colorado, which explains her love for all things outdoors (including snowboarding, hikes, and nights where she just hangs with her friends in the great outdoors). She attended Metro State College in hopes of finding her true calling, and after kicking around a few different interests, Naomi fell into Business Management where she strived with a deep passion for learning all the things that make entrepreneurship tick. In early 2013 her passion led to an internship at a social media marketing firm, where she learned project coordination and the importance of the internet in business marketing. With her business knowledge in hand and her real-world experience at her fingertips, Naomi landed at NewMedia! as the wizard of project assistance. Naomi currently lives in the Highlands with her best friend of 16 years.

Hayley Roush

Administrative Assistant

Hayley works at NewMedia! full time while pursuing her degree in Economics at Red Rocks Community College. Hayley brings with her extensive experience in the fields of administration, secretarial support, and customer service. She believes wholeheartedly in the NewMedia! motto that customer service reigns supreme. Hayley takes on many responsibilities at NewMedia!, and brings a great level of dedication to all of them, be it social planning, managing the business calendar, or social media. Hayley is very skilled at helping bring the science of happiness into NewMedia!'s business model! Outside of the office and school, Hayley is a successful artist who enjoys interior design and fashion. She is a native Coloradan who appreciates the outdoors and being active with loved ones.


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