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Top Ten Tips To Improve Focus

Good Day People! I want to share with you, My Top Ten Tips To Improve Focus:) 

NMD Team Day 2013!

It's that time of the year again, NEWMEDIA's Team Day!
I am one of the newbies on the team, but I know we all look forward to our company's quarterly team days! Client dedication, productivity, and being “heads down” in our work is typically how we roll around here but we also know that balance is key!! So we find time to let loose, put focus on our team and have fun aside from everyday work and play.

Drupal Migrate: Importing images


I recently spent quite a bit of time with our friend the Migrate module. Along the way I picked up a few nuggets of knowledge that may save somebody out there a few hours of time trying to piece together.

Using the PHP-Drupal Textmate Bundle to Automatically Apply Coding Standards

When contributing to an open source project as large as Drupal, it's important to comply with the community's coding standards for a variety of reasons:

Getting at an entity's field values in Drupal 7 using field_get_items()

There are two great ways I've found to quickly access an entity's field values in a Drupal-friendly way. Both of these approaches assume that you know the type of entity you're working with and that you already have your entity loaded into a variable available to you. This week I'll be focusing on the handy Drupal API function field_get_items() and next week I'll take a look at how to use Entity Metadata Wrappers to get the job done.

Improving Drupal Development, Deliverables, and Dependability with Selenium Testing

I detest monkey work and I’ll do anything I can to avoid it. I attribute this intense, emotional reaction to a job I had at age 16, where I worked at a plastic factory inspecting box after box of clear vials to look for the defects (e.g. air bubbles, carbon black, mechanical indentations, etc). Overall the experience was mind numbingly tedious, and it inspired me to work hard through the rest of high school to ensure that I would never have to do that type of work again!

Fast forwarding many years later to the start of my career in Drupal web development…

Rockies Opening Day 2013

People sometimes ask us why we have chosen to make Opening Day a NEWMEDIA paid holiday every year.  For the answer, just look outside!

Seriously, the answer is simple, and this year once again demonstrated exactly why.  With neighborhood crowds estimated at around 100,000 people, swarming literally outside the front door of the NEWMEDIA offices, it's just too much fun to avoid (and too much trouble to try and get any work done!).  The Colorado Rockies ultimately went on to beat the Brewers 5-2, in yet another awesome Opening Day here in sunny Denver, Colorado.

Holland & Hart launches new Drupal site for Persuasion Strategies

Persuasion Strategies - In 1990 they became the first litigation consulting team serving in-house within a law firm to support trial attorneys and their clients. Their success quickly grew and they expanded our practice to attorneys and organizations outside of Holland & Hart LLP.  Now their team services attorneys within the largest, most prestigious law firms, providing unmatched trial prep services including Visyal Presentation, Mock Trials and Jury Selection.

When Persuasion Strategies needed a brand-new web presence, they knew several things:

Kaiser Permanente Launches New Drupal Site with NEWMEDIA!

NEWMEDIA! partnered with Kaiser Permanente to design, develop and deploy (and host) its new employee intranet, built on Drupal, using Organic Groups, serving the daily needs of Colorado's 6,000+ Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians with newer, better and easier-to-use online tools. 

NEWMEDIA, Diamond Sponsor, DrupalCon Portland 2013

Diamond Sponsor DrupalCon Portland 2013

Once again, NEWMEDIA! is honored to be selected as one of only two Diamond Sponsors (the other is Acquia) for the upcoming DrupalCon Portland 2013!

Taking place the week of May 20-24, 2013, DrupalCon Portland’s theme, “Building Bridges, Connecting Communities,” demonstrates what this open source conference and community is all about. DrupalCon is a conference that will address open standards which allow separate independent systems to communicate with each other. DrupalCon attracts a worldwide audience of both new users and veterans of Drupal.


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