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Symfony2 | Drupalcon | Drupal 8

Ah, the afterglow of Drupalcon 2012. We had the unique opportunity to sponsor Drupalcon on our home turf, being that we're a Denver based Drupal shop. Much fun was had, many sessions attended, and I, for one, had my mind blown more than a few times.

A few highlights:
One of the biggest pieces of news at Drupalcon was that Drupal core will be using components of Symfony2. This doesn't mean a lot to non-core developers, but still, it's nice to know that Drupal won't be left behind in all the hype about object oriented php frameworks. And, bonus, the community will likely grow larger and stronger because of this. Fabien Potencier, the founder of Symfony2, mentioned during a session,"Drupal 8 and Symfony2", that it was the largest talk he'd given anybody about Symfony2. Good to meet you, Symfony. I wrote a bit more about this here.

A large part of Drupalcon was devoted to mobile web design. What mobile means, and how we do it. Talks were given on "Responsive Web Design" and "Mobile First" development. Given the explosive growth in mobile internet over the last several years, it's no wonder that focus will shift in web development from desktop design to equality amongst all browsing experiences. Drupal 8, which is still a glimmer in the eyes of Dries Buytaert, will have many features that facilitate powerful mobile applications and websites.

The energy at Drupalcon re-affirms for me that Drupal is a AAA content management system and application framework. Wordpress, you can't touch this. Joomla, I didn't even know you were still in the room... Drupal is leaping over buildings and waving at the children.

Ultimately, Drupalcon is about kicking it with Drupal friends, making new ones, and getting (*cough) STOKED about Drupal. What I took away from Drupalcon was more enthusiasm for Drupal, and a stronger desire to be best friends with Drupal developers. Seriously, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! NewMedia will henceforth be more involved in the Drupal community, and I'll be trying to catch up with kid_icarus on Drupal core patches.

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