Google Places vs. Organic Results


Ah, Google. How we love you. From an idea to a global necessity in 10 years, it's truly changed everything. Now Google Places, what many people call the "map results," has essentially replaced the Yellow Pages for 90% of people.

We've all seen them. You Google a search term, such as "Denver LASIK" or "downtown Denver massage," and you see some text listings on the left, a map on the right, and the little blue and red pins indicating where those listings live on the map. You also notice that those listings appear above all the other businesses on that search results page. So how did they do it?

Getting listed in Google PlacesGetting listed in Google Places

Just like regular, "organic SEO," getting listed in Google Places has a specific set of components that must be understood. In conjunction, they deliver effective results. Most companies don't understand the necessity of maintaining a consistent message across these consistent elements, and even with significant efforts the results are unreliable.

Again, it's a matter of connecting the dots. It's not good enough to have all the elements in place. They have to all fit together in the right way. If you want to put together a puzzle, the first step you do is make sure all the pieces are in the box, right? But just having all the pieces doesn't finish the job - it's just the beginning. In general, the "pieces" of local SEO/Google Places ranking include the following:

Local SEO Ranking Components

  • Unique physical address in city of search
  • Manually-verified Places Page
  • Proper category associations
  • Proper colume of structured citations
  • Spider-crawlable address matching Places Page address
  • PageRank (as always)
  • Quality of inbound links (backlinks)
  • Spider-crawlable phone number matching Places Page phone number
  • Local area code specific to city of search
  • City and State in Places page title
  • Consistent information across multiple data sources

The sheer number of external data sources that Google (and the other search engines) aggregates means that kepping up with them all, and keeping them consistent, can be a hugely time-consuming process on its own. But don't overlook it. Better still, hire a professional Local SEO specialist like NewMedia! to handle it for you. Our Google Places listings experts will take the guesswork away, and help ensure your success. 

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