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User Interface and User Experience DesignUSER INTERFACE AND USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN

NewMedia! has designed interfaces on multiple software versions and hardware platforms for clients including some of the world's most well-known organizations. Our integrated design and development team can tackle your demand, from the most complex transactional requirements to interaction design process challenges. Work in this area involves expertise in the following areas:

Interaction (UI and UX) Design

Effective user interface and experience interaction design enables your users to have what they need so that they can get their work done. Our experts take your goals and concepts, and organize your information and functions in a way that is familiar, understandable and intuitive to users. We make it easy for them to perform their most frequent and important tasks, by using their language and common task steps, without having to navigate through a complicated interface.

Navigation Design

When designing an application's structure, information architecture and navigation, NewMedia!'s role-based design process puts the focus on user research and requirements. This process results in deliverables including site maps, wireframes and application models.

Information Architecture

At the very core of any user experience, you have Information Architecture. In its purest form, it captures the business message and value as it relates to the user's needs, and in so doing creates a connection with them that is very powerful. Well-executed and built in a scalable fashion, such information architectures will withstand technological evolution over time, and thus convey both business value and objectives as reliable platforms on which to grow.

Interface Wireframe Development

The Wireframes are visual representations of screen designs, much like an architect's blueprints in construction, or storyboards in moviemaking and animation. They illustrate the requirements for components, such as general layout, content blocks, and interactive elements, of an interface design. The UI/UX designers at NewMedia! expertly synthesize all the elements of the design vision with the functional requirements into what becomes a cohesive set of representative wireframes that illustrate major (and sometimes minor) screens, along with the overall Information Architecture and navigation.

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