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At NewMedia!, we love Drupal - we really do.  But we've been building complex web applications for a lot longer than the approximately five years since we standardized on Drupal as our primary development framework.  About ten years longer, to be honest!  Over that long history, we've developed some very talented people and bulletproof processes that allow us to deliver totally custom solutions, as appropriate, while still managing to leverage the innate value that the Drupal brings to the table, from a value, reliability and timeliness perspective.

What that means to our clients is that they (and you) get the best of both worlds. 

Rather than waste a large amount of time reinventing the wheel, and building from scratch something that an application framework like Drupal can, and does, do very well "out of the box," and unlike many developers who do pure custom work, we like to strike a fine balance and utilize Drupal as our platform, on top of which we add the custom functionality needed in any given project. 

And, unlike many Drupal-only developers, who tend to rely on preexisting modules and predefined sets of functionality to accomplish a client's complex requirements, which may result in a sacrifice - or at best a compromise with the client's goals - we will create from scratch anything that requires it (and we do this with almost every single project we work on).  We simply structure the newly-created application in such a way as to make it act like any Drupal module, and then it can be added to the Drupal core framework easily, and used in the same way as any other module.

This not only gives the client benefit of both trusted and proven standard tools like Drupal, with the completely bespoke nature of custom software written especially for the client's project - but it ensures that the modular, object-oriented nature of proper development methodology is followed at all times, ensuring ease of management and/or changes moving forward.

We have written such custom software to extend our clients' Drupal websites to do everything from management of international travel & real estate bookings, to integration with a wide variety of 3rd party web applications, to social networking uses, to simplifying website cloning/reproduction, and beyond. 

Never settle for a standard product, when you need something custom; and never pay (and wait) for fully-custom development when many of the processes your website needs to handle have preexisting solutions already in place.  With our blended development method, NewMedia! can typically deliver a higher-quality product, in a shorter span of time, and for a much more reasonable budget, than most of our competitors.

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