Project Description

Xyleme came to NewMedia! with some very challenging expectations. 

Having strong familiarity with Drupal, with internal Drupal resources and an existing Drupal website, their primary new goal was much more related to Marketing.  It was necessary to leverage what they knew, and appreciated, about the value proposition that Drupal presented, but to do so in a much more compelling, user-converting way than their previous site was able to do.  Of course, we built the new site using Drupal, dramatically improving on their exisiting functionality and improving performance, speed and administrative usability.

We spent a lot of time working with them, coordinating between people across Europe, and in their offices in Boulder, CO.  We worked to understand their business and craft a look and feel that encompassed their brand, spoke to their users, and truly represented the company with a forward-facing vision.  We looked at the possibility of conveying the message without the use of Flash, given its native challenges (with respect to editability, deprecation, etc.), with tools such as AJAX, JQuery and good ol' CSS, but in the end the presentation effect they desired simply required the flexibility that only Flash provides.

In the words of our primary contact:

"The site design is beautiful, and the Pastiche logo - stunning!"

Dawn Poulos, VP of Marketing

That's the sound of a happy client.

Upon completion of the creative process, we built out the website, including heavy Social integrations and multiple granular lead generation/tracking systems, and designed the primary logo and multiple interfaces for their iOS app called Pastiche (available in the App Store), and provided a number of related services, far in excess of those in the original web development agreement.

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