Drupal is an incredibly powerful open source CMS that allows you to create, manage, and serve content. Unfortunately, so can others if you don't properly sanitize all user input in order to prevent a malicious attack! Here are some tips on how to stop one of the most common vulnerabilities:...

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It takes five minutes, improves your page load times, and now it may help your Google search results—aggregate your Drupal CSS and JavaScript files.
How to achieve the same goals with both Drupal and Wordpress: 9 Tips for Former Wordpress Junkies
Newmedia celebrated National Chili Day last week by holding a friendly competition between it’s coworkers.
How newmedia celebrated National Fun at Work Day
Consistency is the key to successful engineering teams.
Two-factor authentication is an powerful way to strengthen your systems authentication. Yubikey is one technology that can be used to integrate two-...
Incorrect configuration of your LDAP client authentication can make it so you cannot log in to a system. By abstracting your client authentication...
Logwatch is a powerful tool that can provide you with a daily summary of activity on your system.
Ubuntu and CentOS use postfix as their defacto MTA. NMBbase leverages the community cookbook to manage the extensive functionality that it provides.
Recently we turned on a internet connected server and within 6 hours had well over 1000 failed ssh login attempts. Defining a solid fail2ban...
Having a solid iptables firewall configuration can go a long way in securing your systems.
A good sudo configuration provides accountability and visability by allowing users to only execute comands that they need to run with elevated...
OpenSSH is a requirement for managing any Linux system as it provides a encrypted conduit with serious amount of functionaility.
Setting up NMDBase for local testing.


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