Web Development

Our web development team is made up of experts in the technologies that power the web.

Our back-end web developers are fluent in every aspect of web development, and primarily spend their days integrating with and building complex systems atop the Drupal API and other web frameworks.  Some of the tools they leverage daily include PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and a wide variety of third-party api's.  Our front-end developers are experts in implementing highly-usable and captivating user experiences.  Front-end developers here at newmedia take advantage of the best tools available, including Grunt, Compass, and SASS in tandem with HTML5, optimized Javascript, and CSS3.


We are passionate about architecting solutions that meet the goals of each project in ways that anticipate future needs. Through intensive research and peer review, we develop website solutions that leverage the best community-supported tools available. When our clients’ unique needs require unique tools, we have the in-house expertise to deliver.


newmedia has the development expertise to help you realize your vision. From the complex, interwoven back-end systems to the elegant and responsive interfaces we craft solutions that promote your brand and delight your users.


The launch of your application is just the beginning. We stand behind our solutions and develop applications we want to maintain. And when your business goals pivot, we’re agile enough to pivot with you.

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