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Mobile Website Design

We live in an exciting multi-device digital world. Our connections to content and others are no longer restricted to desktop computers. Instead, desktops are only one of the ways we access information on the web because, the digital device landscape is much more diverse and complicated. There are hundreds of types of: phones, tablets, tv/game consoles, and more. Consumers have different screen sizes, resolutions and operating systems. It is not effective or efficient to target individual devices any longer. Your application and content must be fluid and capable of being elegantly formatted for the user’s device. This fluid approach is known as “responsive design.” Let us help educate you about this mobile web design strategy.

multi device world

Multi-Device World

User Experience Design (UXD) is at the core of all that we build. We have a complete website design process that, if executed well, leads to the creation of excellent user experiences for our customers’ users. In today's muti-device world this could include mobile website development or responsive website design. 

mobile content first

Mobile & Content First

We put mobile and content first at the outset of a project. Our Denver team designs your website solely around that. We feel that content is most important and find that starting with less helps us and our client to focus on what matters most. There are many companies that will offer to convert your desktop only website to a “mobile” friendly website. We believe this method leads to nothing less than terrible mobile experiences 99% of the time. A truly responsible multi-device, mobile website design strategy has to start at the beginning with content and the end-user in mind.

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